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Delivering product or services is an important component of a business. Managing delivery involves executing a large array of tasks and with little or no room for error. Manually tracking the fleet is a difficult, tedious & time-consuming task that comes with a potential risk of loss. A GPS-based car tracking service system uses a satellite that not only tracks your vehicle but also provides a navigation system for users. Vehicle tracking systems can improve the safety of the drivers and the passengers as it tracks vehicle anywhere and can be recovered faster when stolen. Amongst various options available in the market, it is wise to choose the ones with more advanced features besides live tracking that can make your operations efficient & easier. Here are some tips to consider when you are thinking of choosing a vehicle tracking service system.

  • In order to choose an efficient tracking system, firstly analyze your business and realize the need for a GPS tracking system. Be it security, live location, tracing the vehicle, etc. GPS tracking system can help managers with the following features.

    • Locate vehicles and track real-time movements of a single vehicle or a whole fleet of vehicles

    • Help Manage the entire fleet through a single source

    • Safeguarding fleets against theft or misuse

    • Take data-driven decisions

    • Receive notifications and status updates via SMS, email or push notifications

  • Analyze your needs and how a GPS tracking system can help your business. While choosing a GPS system, take into consideration the following key points. Talk to professionals to know the type and brand that is suitable for your needs Find different tracking companies that offer the desired features. Some can even ask the local police representatives and discuss the situation in case of vehicle theft and the procedure involved in finding one. Realize the role of vehicle tracking in the process and accordingly take a call on selecting the tracking system.

  • Make sure the systems you are considering help monitor your car, especially in your most frequently visited locations and in remote locations as well Some systems have limited support for tracking your vehicle in terms of activation or location mapping or monitoring. Thus choose a system that can not only monitor your vehicle in the areas frequently travelled but also all over the nation. Systems with both alarms and tracking capabilities The foremost important feature one should look is the vehicle tracking feature that the user or a manager can access on his desktop or cell phones. The wireless network system attached to the GPS processes the information about vehicle’s location. The system also shows the speed at which vehicle is travelling and notifies in case of over speed. Also with an SOS alarm and Theft alarm, it can alert the admin or manager immediately in such cases. Such a feature is desired. History of Trips Made, Geo fencing & Driver Behavior An admin should be able to access each detail of their vehicles even after the trip has been completed. Information like distance travelled, average speed, stoppages, engine time and idling should be shown in the history of the trip. Geofencing is an advanced feature through which one can create boundaries, termed as ‘Geo-Fences,' around a specific area or landmark on the map. The Geo-Fencing feature alerts the admin if a vehicle enters or leaves that area, through email or text. Every vehicle owner or fleet managers feel anxious about the whereabouts of their vehicle in their absence. The GPS system should be able to track & monitor the behaviour of the driver. With alarms like over speed, halt notification, engine off and vehicle idle time records, the admin should be able to monitor and assess the driver’s behaviour. Access Control & User Management This feature is mostly desirable for fleet owners. The fleet manager can manage the access privileges through roles. Various users can be given access to the system for various roles depending on their work operations. Users can be categorized into certain groups and can view information related to the whole group. Battery backed up devices In case the battery supply is cut to the GPS tracking devices, the devices must have an internal battery supply that can store data and update its location continuously. User-friendly Interface The GPS system you choose should have an intuitive and simple user interface which provides easy to use and easy to operate features. You can get a brief and concise view of the entire fleet of cars. Ease of Installation An important aspect that must be considered is the ease of installation. The GPS system should have ease of maintenance and installation. It should be a handy device that could be installed easily in your vehicle. There are many types of devices available, so it is advisable to choose wisely. Research different car tracking service systems and figure out how much you are willing to spend Tracking systems are available with different features and brands. Research the features that you desire and compare it with prices accordingly. Also, consider a system that is easy to install, this will save you money on high installation fees. Analytics A vehicle tracking system should be able to record important data that can be used for analysis and take decisions accordingly. An analytics for vehicle journeys, maintenance record, mileage stats etc is desirable from a vehicle tracking system.

The GPS makes vehicle driving easier and safer for private as well as commercial vehicle users. It helps a business that operates a fleet of cars or vehicles by displaying various factors that affect the operational performance of the vehicles as well as of the workforce.

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